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Industrial Heating Repairs

Capsey Mechanical is your commercial heating repair and maintenance expert. We offer years of experience in commercial heat pumps, commercial roof-top units, makeup air, commercial furnaces and boiler systems.

When temperatures dip in Fall and Winter, keeping your equipment running at optimal operating temperature and keeping customers and employees warm is important to your business success. For commercial installation, repair and general maintenance of your heating system, call us for expert advice and service.

Our goal is to provide you with an energy-efficient heat supply that saves you money.

Industrial Air Conditioner Repairs

Temperature is important to a safe and productive environment. In the Peterborough area, that can be a challenge with cold winter nights and hot summer days. Professional installation and regular maintenance of your energy-efficient commercial air conditioning unit is important to the comfort of tenants, customers and employees and saves you money.

Commercial air conditioner units are large and have lots of moving parts and that means lots of potential for problems. Common repairs include worn belts, defective coils, defective compressors, dirty evaporator pans. With regular maintenance of your commercial air conditioner, costly repairs may be avoided, and downtime kept to a minimum.

To inquire about a maintenance service contract or when a breakdown occurs, you can rely on Capsey Mechanical to provide experienced, knowledgeable and prompt service.

24/7 Emergency Service Available

Capsey Mechanical Ltd. provides Red-Seal Licensed HVAC and Refrigeration services to institutions, municipalities and commercial industries in Peterborough, Lindsay, and Durham